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Gift & Loyalty


Electronic gift cards encourage repeat business, attract new customers and boost sales all year long.  Stored value cards account for billions of dollars per year in sales for businesses nationwide.  Our Electronic Gift Card Program (EGC) is the perfect solution to help you grow in a new era of customer spending.


Welcome to loyalty’s next generation: an integrated package of customizable loyalty rewards, offers, promotions, and gift cards that delivers all the power of big business loyalty programs. Customers get to easily track rewards and redeem them at checkout. You get happy customers and actionable data. Discover more about how Fanfare celebrates your customers—and you!

All you do is:

  • Set up the rewards you want to offer
  • Measure your program’s effectiveness

And you’ll get:

  • Seamless integration at the point-of-sale, where enrollment options and offers are automatically presented to your customers.
  • Analytics that let you measure the programme’s effectiveness anytime.
  • Your customers get the kind of benefits they’ve previously only received from large chains’ customer loyalty programmes. And they get a programme that’s incredibly easy to use.