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Do you love your payment processor?

We didn’t think so. The truth is you are not bound to bogus fees, poor service and general frustration.

Discover a new payment processing experience.

Easy Payment Processing

Lower cut of sales. Better service. Better experience.

Take five minutes to discover the ways your payment processing solution is costing you. We’ll run a full analysis of your price, service, and technology — then you decide if it makes sense to switch.

*See your results in less than 48 hours.

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Become a happy client today

Become a happy client today

There are many reasons we have the lowest churn rate in the industry.

Here are just a few of them…

Award-Winning Customer Service

Award-Winning Customer Service

The only payment processor with a Customer Experience Guarantee*, with dedication from the Payment Checkup™ to the life of your account.

Personalized Payments Solutions

Personalized Payments Solutions

All of our products incorporate a modern design and fast processing. They accept every payment method including Apple and Android Pay.

Upfront Pricing & No Hidden Fees

Upfront Pricing & No Hidden Fees

All of our clients enjoy Park Place Payments’ up-front pricing with zero hidden fees so you know exactly what you’ll get every step of the way.

An Ongoing Reputation of Excellence

An Ongoing Reputation of Excellence

From being called “exactly what you need” by Jenny McCarthy to being covered by the top financial publications in the world.

Purpose Driven

Community businesses are the character of our towns — you can rely on us to make sure yours thrives.

Our community-driven model boosts local economies. Consumers today care about the core values of the businesses where they spend their money, and partnering with purpose-driven service providers like Park Place is a way to be socially responsible without having to dedicate resources to a cause.

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